Off the bike for today, got busy with things

So today was to be a morning bike ride however that turned into a furniture ordering day and a ton of working out with Pugsley. Not to worry, I’ll be back riding in the morning, right now I’m focused on picking up my pace on my bike slowly as I

NIGHTTIME Cycling is my happiness

There isn’t a moment that I’m not thinking about riding my bike. It’s not that I’m thinking about going to a group ride every Saturday or Sunday, I merely think about the wonderful feeling of riding a bike in the middle of nowhere. The photo above is one I took


Cyclist – We’re not all DOUCHE-BAGS, some of us are just..

I’ve been meaning to post an article on this for some time now and haven’t really had the time it takes to really get it right until now. Over the few years that I’ve been riding a bike or called a cyclist, I’ve noticed a big trend in cycling. One

my road bike Icarus

A few adjustments and it was a beautifully fun bike ride with a friend

So after some feedback on yesterdays post from our friend KittenLittleBits and BigJim at Fit Recovery I ended up lowering my saddle and took my road bike for a spin this morning with my friend Jeff. Big Jim had some great feedback on the issue and it helped tremendously, he