Let’s get er’ done #MattyAndAnnika

Welcome to one of our blogs where we share our opinions or reviews on all things we have interest in. We’ve always written reviews for movies, games, music, products etc and since we’ve started dwindling down some things in our lives we thought, what better way to continue doing it by simply having a WordPress site to do it again; so here we are.

We’ve always built our own WordPress sites although the servers etc can just start eating your wallets and of course, this isn’t gonna do that so we decided why not.

So this blog will be where we post reviews and just about anything else we want to share for our awesome readers, be sure to follow the blog and you’re welcome to post comments to let us know what you think.

Today was an awesome day that began with an awesome adventure cycling group ride with our friends at Bikes and Life and then it led to working together in our home garden, it’s so far been quite an awesome day. I (Matty) even had some time to play some Overwatch with our friend Huskki, now it’s time to relax the day with an awesome dinner and a great movie.

So while we get this new blog together be sure to look at our Official Blog by clicking here. Thanks for the support and we will be sure to post more here later in the week.

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