Are there any real answers to questions online?

It’s been a lot of getting the run around lately. Every time I ask a question I get an answer from someone that has no knowledge of item I’m asking about and that seems to be the same with the internet. For a simple example I spent weeks inquiring on Facebook about the proper bike to purchase to ride the Trans American Bike Race and everyone that answered had no knowledge of the race or had attempted to do the race but had every answer under the sun of bikes they thought I should get and maybe 2 of the 25 bikes mentioned to me had the potential for such a ride.

On this same search, I had joined a Trans American Bike Race group which once again when asking the question the only people who would answer were once again people that had no knowledge. Now let’s look at my newest inquiry which are my tires for my road bike, straight answers are a rare item to have in today’s world. I went to buy tubeless tires and was told which ones to get and not one tire on the shelf had the word Tubeless on the packages including the ones that were so, of course, I listened to the suggestion. The next day when I found out they weren’t tubeless and got tubes added I went home to check the internet for the tires I had got to see if they’re tubeless and searches showed that many people were asking the question about the tires but no one was saying they were or were not including Continentals website. This morning I mentioned what I went through with these new tires and the response I got was “I could’ve told you they weren’t tubeless”…….. After that response, I decided that from this point forward before I made any purchases anywhere I’d do 100% research and have Fact base and no longer hear anyone’s input on things which seems to be the best route to go to not get the runaround.

At this point, I’d like to leave this post off with this. If anyone in the world has ridden the Trans American Bike Race (keyword RACE) and has a suggestion on the perfect bike to ride this RACE I’d love to hear about it and “why” you think your recommendation will work.

Thanks in advance, and steer clear of the internets clickbait #deletefacebook

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