I love Arizona and from here on out this will be dedicated to our experiences here

Most of my life I have traveled the country and out of all of that time I have experienced a lot of good places, good people; it’s been wonderful and now Arizona is forever our home. Over the last couple of years here in Scottsdale, we’ve visited so many places while out riding our bikes and in our car that we decided instead of just sharing our feedback via Yelp that we should write a bit more of our experiences here.

Every time we visit a place I do a check in via my Yelp account and at times I forget to post an actual review. Also sometimes a simple Yelp review just doesn’t cut it, or should I say doesn’t allow enough to share the awesomeness or crappiness of the visit. We hate writing bad reviews and we always give everything the benefit of the doubt before doing so unless it was really that bad.

When my wife and I started riding our bikes, it not only opened a new world of happiness to us, it also gave us the freedom to simply ride and explore our hometown and it’s surroundings which also lands us in new destinations randomly to grab something to drink, a snack or just to see a new place to visit when we’re through riding.

Arizona is an amazing state, it’s beautiful, artistically stunning; and the people here for the largest part are just awesome to get to know. Now, of course, we’ve met that sourpuss and have had several bad experiences, but not as many as the good when it comes to weighing the differences. So from here on out, I plan to share a little bit about the places we visit with an article, some photos, and maybe some videos to show the world just how beautiful Arizona is to us.

If you have any recommendations of places for us to visit feel free to share them in the comments.

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