Found that I love Zwifting

On June the 13th 2018 I started a Zwift account and started indoor cycling. Living in Arizona it is getting quite warm and lately, I’ve been getting a lot of flat tires due to glass and metal shards being on the roads where I ride the most. I’d be upping my goals as I love to challenge myself and each time I set out to go further something would get in the way whether it be a flat tire, extreme heat, bad traffic; you name it and then I looked at the Zwift option. I have to say I had never seen myself as an indoor cyclist though training indoors at least during the summer months is a huge help for my growth in strength and endurance training.

I must first point out that if it weren’t for our newest sponsor Bikes and Life of Scottsdale Arizona I wouldn’t be Zwifting yet, they helped make this possible. Once I got back home from Bikes and Life and set up the trainer it was time to try out Zwift for the first time, and then ………… almost 40 miles later all I could say was wow that was so much harder to do.


I’d never realized how different indoor cycling and outdoor road riding was, both are very hard and are very different. The biggest thing that caught my attention right off the bat is how much harder it was to pedal on a trainer than just on my bike outside. It felt as if I was in my hardest gears climbing up a huge climb to get the thing started up and does each time I start to pedal from a stopped position. I love how using the trainer with Zwift that I can feel every hill climb or road terrain change. I also love that I don’t have a minimal of 5 cars trying to run over me each day while the heat is bearing down on me. Now Zwift isn’t taking road cycling from me, it’s just a great way to stay training at any time of the day or night with fewer struggles or worries of outside interference.

Since I started riding we have been sharing our experiences and have wanted a way to share it in a more visible way with our followers on Twitch and YouTube, well now with Zwift we can stream every indoor ride while talking about healthy living and life in general with our followers.

I ride 5 to 7 days a week and now with Zwift I can ride day or night and either do lots of climbing or simple flat terrain, yes I do love Zwift and am thankful that I can use Zwift to better my riding capabilities while I train myself for longer rides per day.


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  1. Welcome to Watopia! 🙂 I am a total Zwift addict these days, starting out on a basic trainer before upgrading to a top line direct drive smart turbo. Really upgraded my fitness. It’s just so easy to jump on and go, any time of the day or night. Have you tried any of the group rides, races or workouts yet?

    1. hey my friend, so far im about 300 miles into riding zwift and love it. the other night i did over 6k climbing over a 5.5 hour ride with 70 miles. I absolutely love it. I havent tried the races yet but they are on my list.

      1. i just started zwift though ive been riding since august last year. ive done 5 centuries on my mountain bikes and i tend to ride between 3-8 hours at a time

      2. Still though! Even with the immersive world of Zwift to entertain me, there’s only so long I can sit pedalling going nowhere in my garage for! 😉

      3. oh yeah swifting for long hour naa. a century or two a week sure but ive got 2 group rides i help lead during the weekends and of course i go out and ride too.

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