What an awesome ride tonight 60 miles woot

Tonight was a smooth sailing stream on our Twitch channel as I knocked out 60 miles in 2 hours and 41 minutes woohoo. Each day is a beautiful progression since I started on Zwift, I love that I can ride at any hour of the day or night which helps with my hectic schedule.

Daily I work harder and pedal more to better my personal abilities and endurance so that when the day comes I will be able to handle riding Trans Am Bike Race and many other big rides without worrying about my physical abilities, ride on!


Each day that I get on my bike indoors has been an interesting workout, beautiful progression, and a blessing to able to gain other Zwift achievements as well as working towards my weekly mile goal of 450 a week. So far in 2 days, I’ve ridden 155.3 miles and plan on riding in the morning another 60-80 miles; fingers crossed. My legs aren’t hurting that bad yet though they are getting sore, I’ve been using Hot Shot here and there when my legs are in really bad shape and of course I make sure to try and stay over hydrated. Nutrition is something I’m working hard on getting the hang of.


We’re basically vegetarians or learning to be, we avoid meat like the plaque and we keep up with everything that we put in our bodies. My favorite things to eat before a ride is usually minimal, stuff like peanut butter and crackers, a quick soup, something simple. During my rides, I snack on Ritz crackers, peanut butter crackers, and sometimes Cliff bars. After my ride, I eat a lot, lol. I love to eat Morning Stars Chipotle Black Bean Burgers with a side of broccoli covered in Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette Dressing, and of course to bread my burger it’s Momma Bella’s Garlic Toast; yum! 90& of our drink intake is water, we go through cases of water a week, each case is 48 bottles of waters and we tend to use 2 to 3 cases a week. We do put additives in our waters here and there for flavorings such as Arizona Green Tea, Crystal Light, Gatorade, and some Lipton Tea Mix. Other nutrition for riding or well, our lifestyle we eat a lot of tacos and burritos made in our house with nothing but veggies and sauce. We buy our black beans and refried beans in the cases as well as our mild sauce since it is the largest part of our food intake, our goal is to one day be able to grow all of our food as we’re experimenting with gardening.

So theres a little bit on my day with cycling, a bit about our nutrition (we welcome more input on nutrition), and our gardening. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy what we’re doing.

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