Got my tri bars added today

Last night was an awesome ride night as I rode two rides both were 60 miles while streaming it on our Twitch Channel, after all of that I realized how bad Tri Bars were needed. This morning I slept in and sadly missed the group ride, the last few days sleep was very minimal with an average of 20-30 minutes of sleep per day; so I caught up on it this morning and slept till 2pm. When I woke I headed straight for Bikes and Life to talk with Dave about getting Tri Bars added and he made it happen.

The bars of choice was the T2 + Carbon Profile Designs which are 585 grams in weight and fit very nicely, hopefully now with the Tri Bars, it will allow me to lean forward during long rides to relax a bit more.

I look forward to doing a few big rides right away to see how well these bars hold up though today my body is still quite tired and I may just rest today, still debating it.

Time to get some stuff done around here today and prepare for either tonights ride or rest and be ready for the morning ride, woot.

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2 Thoughts

  1. How are you getting on with those tri-bars so far? I’ve got a set of those ones on my pseudo time trial bike. Like them, but I wish the arm rests could be adjusted for height as well.

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