HotShot Review

5 Star Rating

My wife “Annika” and I started riding our bikes in August of 2017 and since then I’ve sort of started riding further and further for longer hours. Every day that I wake to start prepping for my next ride I can not only feel the cramps from the day before, I feel the pain for the last 30 rides or so.

A few weeks back my buddy Wade from Bikes and Life of Scottsdale Arizona told me that since I ride so much and am pretty much dealing with leg muscle pains every day that I should try one of the HotShots, so of course I did. That morning we headed out to ride a quick 40 miles and of course, within the first 20-30 minutes, the cramps in my legs were gone. I was literally blown away at the sort of instant pain relief given the unique blend of ingredients. After the ride, I headed out yet again for another 50 or so miles before I went home and once I made it home I had to share my experience with my wife, she immediately researched the product with me as we discussed maybe getting a little stocked up with HotShot for the just in case scenario.


A few days later we bought a 12 pack of HotShot while we were at Bikes and Life and now I tend to take one a few times a week due to my excessive distance of rides, every time I take a HotShot I don’t feel a cramp the entire ride. I did reach out and share my thanks via Twitter to the guys at and I must say if you’re an athlete and are seeking something to assist with muscle cramps you may want to take a look into HotShot as a possible solution.

On a scale of 1-5 stars, this is certainly a 5 Star product!

Now that the summer has arrived here in Arizona I started Zwift on June 13th, 2018 so that I can ride more miles indoors, to give an idea of the type of mileage that I love to ride, I’ve ridden 449 miles on Zwift since then and today is June 22nd. Over the course of that 449 miles of riding, I’ve used one HotShot and I haven’t experienced any cramps yet; my time riding a bike is between 6-8 hours a day.


Huge thanks to HotShot for having an amazing product, and Bikes and Life of Scottsdale Arizona for introducing me to this product.

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