Gearing up for a long week of Riding

Good morning everyone, I’ve just received my first coffee and a fair nites sleep; last night was movie night. Hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday morning.


While my dog takes a nap I wanted to take a moment to point out a few things that we’re working on for the week. Tomorrow on our Twitch I will kick off the morning stream with 60-80 miles then I’ll start getting the weekly podcast ready for release. Of course, later in the afternoon, I’ll ride another 60-80 miles while we discuss the mileage plan for the week. We’re working on the new schedule and are getting things worked out while we finalize and tweak things.

We have been working on converting our website to be here on WordPress and think we’ve got it to where we want it for now. My brain isnt quite awake at the moment so I will finish my coffee and prepare some Overwatch to with my wife and friends, have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for reading.


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