Kicked off the week with 60 miles already and prepping to do another 60+ later

This morning started off right with a quick 60 miles on which I broadcasted via Twitch earlier and I’m soon to start prepping for the next 60-mile ride for the day.


It was an awesome stream that started to fill up with even more new viewers as I kept a faster pace today to make better time on the ride this week; I shaved 10 minutes off of last weeks time woot. I took Friday Night, Saturday Night and all of Sunday off from riding to rest my legs from the almost 500 miles that I rode last week, I’m still feeling the pain from it and I’m loving it. Started fresh this morning after a nice rest and I noticed right off the bat that I was much faster. When I started on swift June 13th I was riding at 18-22 mph and today I was staying between 25-33mph with my low of 21-24; I didn’t even break a sweat this morning during the 2 hours and 40 minutes that it took me to do the ride. I’m looking forward to how much faster and stronger I’ll be after a few weeks of using a trainer.

Come chill with us later when the next stream kicks off and let’s see how much quicker that ride will turn out to be. Huge thanks to our Sponsor Bikes and Life of Scottsdale AZ and the awesome Patrons.


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