Day 2 – Putting my body in check #nutrition

So… day two and I had started getting the hang of the MyFitnessPal App, it is a very minimal app but so far it does enough. I started the day putting down some food and drinking lots of water, my legs are still in severe pain from riding almost 400 miles between Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; 379 miles to be exact.

I found it much easier to add the water and food with the extra items like Nuun, Glukos, and Roctane than I had expected so I kept up with every little thing from the moment I woke until now. Thursday was a great ride day and a lot better nutrition intake day to make up for the used calories, I ate almost triple what I usually do. Now I’m aware that in order to keep from hurting I have to keep eating more and more though at the same time I wonder why; I mean it does all make sense but at the same time it doesn’t seem like it should. Over the last few weeks, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds riding my bike, though I have picked up the pace a lot since between June 13th and now I’ve ridden 990 miles. Well, all that said and done I’m paying more attention to my intake now that I’m using the app and taking the advice of a nutritionist. I still am in pain though I’ve also not come even close to replacing the calories burned, my body just can’t eat that much food.

When I go to a restaurant and order a meal most of the time my wife and I will share a dish as the portions that are served seem like an excessive amount being that she and I together get full off of a dish made for one person. It blows my mind to think that people can sit down and put down that much food and then order more, I mean where do people put all of it? I’m personally finding it very hard to put the amount of food into my body that is supposedly the minimal for my body to function let along to workout too, one day at a time I guess but this doesn’t make any sense to me. I guess this is sort of like the sleep thing where I can live off of 3-5 hours of sleep a day 7 days a week or even less and still fully function and be well-rested however the average person can’t do standard daily functions without a full 8 hours of sleep.

Well I guess this post is more food for thought….. Either way day 2 is down and I’m working on day 3, have an awesome day everyone.

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