They’re many types of cyclist – Im an Ultra Endurance Cyclist

August 13th, 2017 my wife and I started officially riding bikes for enjoyment and fitness however after a few weeks of it I was hooked and pedaling daily. My Giant ATX entry level hardtail mountain bike that we bought at Bikes and Life of Scottsdale (formerly Giant of Scottsdale) became my fulltime exercise. Each ride that I went out on was to reach a short distance but when I reached that distance I’d ride further and then whatever I rode that day I’d double the next. By the time December (2017) came around I had already ridden 5 centuries on my mountain bike, oh and her name is Kara.


I named my MTB “Kara” after a character in the up and coming game “Detroit: Become Human” due to the amazing test video that they released in 2012 featuring Valorie Curry.

The photo of my bike lined up with all of the road bikes is from when I would ride my mountain bike with the road bike group at Bikes and Life and actually keep up with them at speeds from 18-25 mph, huge thanks to the training tips and advice by Angela and Wade. I couldn’t seem to get enough as fellow riders would point out to me how much faster I’d be if I had a road bike. The more my interest grew I started watching documentaries, youtube videos and just about anything I could to learn more about how things were in the cycling industry; also to see where I fit in when it comes to the sport.

One of my favorite films to date on cycling is “Inspired to Ride” directed by Mike Dion.

This movie truly inspired me and it hit the nail on the head with the type of cyclist that I am. Many conversations took place with fellow cyclist friends and myself as to what type of rider I was or would want to be and before watching this movie we thought of me as a climber or also known as a domestique; however that title only looks at one side of the sport of cycling a side of it that I really don’t have an interest in.

I’m an ultra-endurance cyclist, I specifically ride to push myself and to reach levels and/or goals for personal achievement and I have no interest in a prize or a title at the end. After all I’ve read and heard through cycling documentaries etc it is filled with cheaters and dopers and thankfully ultra-endurance isn’t like that. Now, of course, people cheat at anything they can get away with but in the ultra-endurance cycling you’re only cheating yourself and making it very obvious sort of like the guys that ride one ride on Zwift at 7,000 mph and ride 50k miles in one day; people who cheat should be considered theaves as cheating is stealing; off with their hands. 🙂

I went to take a screenshot of the top 50 cheaters on Zwift’s Official Strava from last nights list and it is nice to see that they have removed the ones all of them that were over 100 mph and reaching speeds of 7,000 mph. Here is a screenshot of interest at the moment.


Now let’s move on past the cheating side of cycling and focus on ultra-endurance and training for long distance rides. In January 2018 I started riding a road bike, my very first road bike and it is very beautiful; it’s become my favorite thing to play with. My road bike is a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 (modified a lot now), and as of today I’ve ridden it 3,012 miles and I’m training to ride 480 miles a week on my personal schedule. I named my road bike “Icarus” because she is very fast, fast enough that her wings will never be burned. My training schedule is to train myself to be able to handle long hours in the saddle for 250-280 miles a day, in doing this I aim to ride Trans AM Bike Race with hopes to be able to reach the other side quickly and safely.

When it comes to ultra-endurance cyclist some of the awesome riders that I look up to are:

  • Mike Hall
  • Juliana Buhring
  • Lael Wilcox
  • Jason Lane
  • Tanja Hacker

Of course many others, the above are just some of my most favorites.

I train indoors and outdoors, recently on June 13th, 2018 I got a trainer (wahoo kickr snap) so I can come inside and get out of the Arizona heat so I may work on long distances and long hours, 19 days of riding on a trainer and I have ridden over 1200 miles and climbed 28k feet in elevation, the progression is real.

The many types of cyclists is a subject that I’ve been looking into though the only terms known are based on attitudes or if a rider is someone who has a bike to look cool in crowds or not, so in reality, they’re many types of cyclist though I am specifically an ultra-endurance cyclist.


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