Tonights stream was fun though cut short due to equipment difficulties.

Today was an amazing day as I started the stream 4 hours early. My goal for today was to keep riding for most of the night just to do it and sadly when I started riding I noticed that after Zwift’s update right before the stream that my bike seemed 10 times heavier when it comes to pedaling. For a bit during the stream, I thought that maybe my legs were still healing and I just couldn’t figure out how everyone passed me like it was nothing. One of our viewers pointed out right away that something was wrong and that I needed to recalibrate as he could tell that I was working way too hard to get nowhere and that I’m much stronger than that.

We spoke a lot about how to calibrate and “Yes! it was much harder to pedal”, and how no matter what I was still going to complete the climb even though my power meter wasn’t working properly; basically I had to pedal twice as fast and push twice as hard to climb on a minimal level to basically just be able to move my bike in Zwift let alone to move very fast; I merely seen this as making it more challenging and continued.

When I reached the completion of the climb I then started riding the downhill, it was awesome!! I’ve watched friends do this downhill descent and you can literally get off your bike and let it go by itself all the way to the bottom, though if I stopped pedaling the bike stopped; that’s how badly the trainer and Zwift were acting up tonight. I arrived at a stopping point after riding all the way down the “Tour of Fire and Ice” I then saved the information to my Strava and started to look over the setup of my Bike, the Wahoo Kickr Snap, and Zwift.

Once I went through what options I had I followed the instructions from a fellow viewer in our stream to then do an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) to help me try to calibrate my Wahoo Snap Trainer with Zwift. I was rocking the FTP and was enjoying it though going slow with my bike is a very difficult task, suddenly my back wheel was impossible to pedal. I shut down the stream on our Twitch Channel to see what was going on and when I checked the wheel was super hard to move until I unhooked it from the Wahoo Snap; luckily nothing is wrong with my bike.

I started searching the internet for some real answers based on my issues with calibration, and when I say real answers I mean the internet is 99% click bate and not worth reading. After a bit of reading on Zwifts support forums, I found the issue, at least one of them. I didn’t have the Wahoo Fitness App I have only the Wahoo Utility, this certainly explained why I didn’t have the controls that many Zwifters had mentioned to me in other conversations before.

So as for the Stream Status for tonight, I’ll return tomorrow night for Friday Night’s Stream due to the current issues with equipment and the fact that I also have to get up in 5 hours to ride a group ride. From here on out you’ll see a button in the info panels below the page on our Twitch Channel that says “Stream Status” which you’ll be able to click on to know “what”, “when”, “how”, and “why”; when it comes to our stream.

Thanks for reading, I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop, also don’t forget we have an awesome Discord server for likeminded people.


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