Bike riding Update for this week

Hey gang, I wanted to drop an update for this week with our stream on Twitch. I will be streaming though I’m gonna stay off my bike for most of the week if not all of it just to let my legs heal. I keep pushing when I should be resting, as I stated many times “I don’t have an Off Switch”. Every day the pains are so bad in my legs that just standing or walking is enough to make me want to saw my legs off, so I stretch and try to get them to not be as sore; however, I tend to go right back to pedaling moments later. It’s time to take a real break to allow sufficient time for healing, I feel like a good solid 7 days should be plenty; if I can manage to stay off my bike.

I love to ride, I ride in my sleep; I watch all movies about riding and I even pedal when I’m asleep. Over the last few weeks, all of my dreams when I can sleep long enough to sleep are myself seeking ways to get the pain to stop. I haven’t hardly slept in my bed in a long time due to the pain waking me every few minutes all night, so yeah it’s time to relax a moment. We have tried “ALL” recommended cures and/or treatments that fit the issue such as stretching, additional supplements, doubled up on water intake; you name it and none have eased the pain though have helped some. I believe that I’ve just pushed so hard for so long that it has just reached the breaking point. Even back when I tore my rotary cuff, I still road every day; I’d literally ride 50-100 miles before my physical therapy appointments lol.. I’ve got up from 2 bike wrecks where I did complete flips over my handlebars and kept riding; maybe I messed something up. So the best plan is for me to do different workouts this week, so I’ll be working on bench, curls, squats, and stretching; everything but legs.

The stream for this week, of course, I’ll be talking about riding bikes while I play some games to relax after hardcore CrossFit (-legs) work out. I hope to see you all in stream chat sometimes, hugs to you and thanks for keeping up.


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