Starting Zwift Academy August 8th

So I took a week off from riding my bike hardcore, meaning I did ride every day I was just not riding more than 10 miles each ride. I made it a habit to ride my bike at least 1 mile each day. July 27th and July 28th I did group rides with Bikes and Life (#teamwaderisinger), and yesterday Bikes and Life joined up with another group (approximately 40 riders) to do a big group ride. Friday’s ride was nice and chill with good friends as we rode through Paradise Valley, afterwards, my bike was in the shop getting some tune up and repairs. Saturday the group ride was pretty chill and seemed to be going well until I met the leader of the local group which turned out to be a real douchebag. Everyone in the group was awesome though sadly the leader of the club thought it was cool to smart off and say things that he shouldn’t, thankfully for his well being I dropped from the group and went to enjoy the rest of my ride and day.

After my ride, I met up with my buddies from Bikes and Life and again I had my bike in the shop to be worked on for even more tune-ups and adjustments. The weekend tuneups consisted of new headset bearings, bottom bracket adjustments, seat post reset and greased and the list goes on. Team Dave and Team Wade look after my wife and I and our bikes for any and everything, they are the best and they’re more than family to us. They spent at least 4 to 5 hours on my bike Friday and Saturday to help me look over everything to make sure my bike was ready for ZwiftAcademy which I start August 8th – September 30th. When I ride on Zwift I ride a lot of miles, an average ride is between 80-120 miles daily so my bike gets a lot of wear and tear. Thanks to Team Dave and Team Wade my bike is in excellent condition and ready to roll.

Hugs everyone, more updates and news later.

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  1. Excellent! I did the Zwift Academy last year and while it was a good blast, I found the workouts a little bit too long (drawn out warm-ups and cool downs which you have to complete). I’ve signed up again, so will wait and see what the plan looks like once it’s released.

    1. its my first time doing zwift academy, hoping it doesnt bore me lol. i work out 100 times harder than most riders. i like to ride 5-10 hours per ride on an average pushing between 80-120 miles per ride

      1. Crazy. I just can’t sit on the turbo that long. I remember one or two of the sessions were tough. I recon you could probably just do all the workouts back to back and complete the Academy in a week! 👍

      2. Workouts you could choose to do any time, just select from the menu when you log into Zwift. Group rides and races were at scheduled times on the event list. There was lots of choice though, more so towards the end of the Academy period.

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