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I do believe we need the rest, wow what a remarkable few days. Since the day we started riding bikes I hadn’t really stopped more than a day or two at a time, I’ve always brushed off the pain and continued. This month I took some relaxation time to get things better and over the last few months it has been impossible to sleep in my bed.

Leg pain has kelp me up often giving me many sleepless nights to roll out on fumes each morning. Sunday, Annika and I went shopping to look for a new comforter; something that was of the same lightweight as the quilt that I would typically pass out on the couch with. The new comforter had to be thin, cool at all times, and feel like I was wrapped in a handmade quilt. We keep making changes to our linens in hopes that it would help for better sleeping, we’ve even considered buying a whole new bed even though the one we have is pretty new. A week or so ago we even went and spent tons on high-end sheets which actually made a huge difference. I never would’ve thought in my life to spend more than 20-30 bucks for sheets would make so much of a difference, 100 bucks later the linens are the most comfortable that I’ve ever slept on. So after seeing that after a small change in our linens that it did help with comfortability we aimed to change it all.

We found and purchased two “New super fluffy” memory foam pillows, (omg so awesome and comfy). We also then found a very lightweight thin quilt style comforter for our bed, it was time to grab a ton of munchies and head towards our house. We were pretty excited and had high hopes that this would do us some good for a more comfortable sleep. In route to our house, I had purchased a few songs on Itunes so we had to crank it up.

Die Antwoord “Alien”, wow what an awesome release from these guys; absolutely one of my favorite tracks from them. Then one of my other purchases was “David Beats Goliath – Be More Mike”!

A song was written in memory of none other than the Legend Ultra Adventure Cyclist “Mike Hall”. Highly recommend everyone to check out the movie “Inspired to Ride” which features riders such as Mike Hall, Juliana Buhring, and many more; directed by Mike Dion.

Now back to our arrival home with our new goodies for our bed.

We pulled apart our bed and fixed it up with the new sheets, new comforter, and the new pillows; then we started making some snacks. When the snacks were ready we turned on our TV to enjoy a few movies while we passed out for over 14 hours straight good sleep. We slept so good and so long, we almost didn’t make my eye doctor appointment on time. We sprung to our feet to run some errands and then returned back to our comfy bed for a little extra nap. My wife woke on time for her to head out and I remained resting, finally, I was sleeping and my legs were not hurting; I slept another 12 hours and woke with no aches and pains. In the ballpark of 24-26 hours of sleep, I’d say I needed some rest; now it’s time to eat lol.

I did miss stream today but I did the stream for about 30 minutes while waiting to go to my eye appointment. Oh, and yes we had a huge thunderstorm, lol I slept through it but apparently, it was awesome.

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