Due to our nutty schedule I’ll Zwift tonight

Our schedule has been clearing up however at the same time some things just don’t seem to work as we’d like so I decided to stay streaming and Zwifting at night as well as random times.

Twitch has never been a real interest for us and no matter how much we work on it, Twitch will never be something of value or true interest. We don’t want to be someone that keeps people in their chairs and we certainly don’t have time for internet trolls. We love to ride and love to live our lives and our goal with sharing what we do is to inspire others to want to do something with theirs and not to restrict them or think of them as a number. We will continue to stream from time to time but as for scheduling, we will no longer attempt to stay on a strict schedule with Twitch.

As summer comes to an end we plan to be riding more outside as we miss being outside, Zwift is fun though it restricts the true happiness with riding a bike. I am doing Zwift Academy and then afterward I will Zwift randomly when I’m not outside riding. Zwift is an awesome way for training indoors and I thoroughly enjoy it, I do not want to try and stream it everytime that I turn it on. Tonight I may stream and maybe I won’t, to keep up with when we go live turn your notifications on. I am focusing more on Zwift for night time so that I can train indoors when I am not outside during the day.

On some other awesome news, we started our Official Ultra Endurance Cycling Club named “Just Dots“; we aim to do some awesome rides with the club members more and more as the club grows. Yesterday was our first ride as a club and it was epic!


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