The weather is awesome again, time to ride my bike more outside

Over the last few days, Annika and I have been chatting about what we wanted to do with our Twitch channel; the outcome is what it has always been. Twitch is just nothing to us, the reality is we don’t want to to be the people telling people to sit in their seats and do nothing with themselves. We may stream every once in a while though we may just not stream at all anymore; Twitch isn’t for us and never has been.

We were using Twitch to stream Zwift when riding indoors though every stream is a continuous repeating everything said over and over while the only audience are people seeking viewers for their channel and occasionally someone will pop in to say how much they support and of course not another word as they only really popped in to brown nose. Our supporters are people who keep up with what we’re doing and do what they can to assist in the growth of our projects. So Zwift…. yes we aim to keep Zwift and to use it for what it is for….. training; not streaming. Trying to stream Zwift is just wasting enjoyment. Riding our bikes is for enjoyment and we won’t let Twitch’s toxic community take that from us.

Jerome Arizona | MattyAndAnnika travel pictures

The weather is finally clearing up and we can finally go back to riding our bikes outside, summer has almost gone. We will do some indoor training a few times a week, however, the most of our riding will be outside, tons of photos and hopefully some videos for our YouTube. Now that the hottest part of living in Arizona has come and gone we can now focus on long distance riding and longer hours riding without the worry of heat stroke or running out of the water so fast. We’re also aiming to head back out to Sedona and Jerome soon too; then of course around December or January, we hope to go snowboarding again in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff Arizona | MattyAndAnnika travel pictures

By the way… Last night we rode through a huge hail storm coming back from Tonto Basin Arizona; it was nuts.

Tomorrow morning marks the 2nd club ride of our Adventure Cycling / Endurance Cycling Club “Just Dots” and I’m totally excited. Now I have been resting my legs for the last few weeks due to some major issues within my right foot and calf muscle. I have been riding, however, I haven’t been really posting it on Strava. Now Monday I finally get to see my “new” doctor so that I can find out what is wrong with my leg and foot in hopes to get it working right again; in the meantime, I will slowly be picking up the pace to riding more frequently again.

So let’s tidy up this post with a quick and short worded summary….

No Twitch, Yes Zwift however not stream Zwift, getting leg checked out Monday, club ride in the morning. Woohoo, that’s that. Huge thanks to our Patrons!

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