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Today was a totally awesome day, it started with a few friends, some chocolate eclair doughnuts, and an epic group/club bike ride. When I arrived Friday morning for the group/club bike ride I walked in to see a bag with my name on it, it was a gift from Dave ( #TeamDaveSkeetersAZ ). This bag was filled with a few cycling jerseys and a few bibs to help me in my cycling clothing options. The entire time I’ve been riding I have only owned one cycling jersey and a total of 3 pairs of cycling shorts. I hand wash and hang dry every item I wear cycling after each ride. A lot of work goes into just preparing before a ride and clean up after a ride. A ride like today after a heavy storm the roads were filled with sand and gravel patches, tree limbs and much more so our bikes got dirty, not to worry about the dirt as we wash our bikes after almost every ride especially when they have visible dirt.


Dave totally hooked me up with a few full kits which will help to get me by a little longer and I am very thankful. I loaded up my bag of goodies into my backpack and prepared for our intermediate level group ride mixed with our club members and we all had a wonderful time. We did a bit of climbing, we had a lot of laughs; we all ended up just having an epic ride together as we all spoke of planning more endurance based rides for later. As we all made it back to the bike shop Wade and I wanted to take a little bit of a trip through the botanical garden so we started riding out. This is where things got a little spooky.

I had recently got a new water bottle mount added to my aero bars, the Torpedo Kompact 500 from Xlabs. I will be posting a full review on this very soon I am only bringing this up because it almost caused me to be hit by a few cars in one shot today. When we pulled out of the parking lot the light was green and all was clear to go so we continued pedaling about 20 feet to the light and then crossing to the other side. As we go under this light the road has a slight hump and the moment I went into the hump my water bottle shot from the Torpedo Kompact 500 Mount and then rolled under my tire causing me to run over the bottle almost crashing while several cars were trying to dodge me. I made it across to the other side and parked my bike to go back and pick up the water bottle, I was stunned to see just how simple that bottle released from its mount. Today did show me that that mount needs a bungee cord around it to keep from any more possible crashes in the future. I’ve ridden 3 times now since this product was added to my bike and over $80 bucks for the item and I now need a new water bottle to replace it. I do think they need to do more testing before having this item on the market, or at least add a locking system to it. A full review later on the Torpedo Kompact 500 from Xlabs, till then this will suffice.

On the bright side, I made it to safety, I was able to quickly repair the damages to my bike and I was back riding down the street within minutes. Wade and I ended up meeting back up within a couple miles as he didn’t notice what happened, and we had an awesome time climbing through the botanical garden; woohoo. An epic ride to say the least and in the morning we aim to go out for another one, with more hills.

This weekend we aim to do some more epic club/group rides and on Monday I will finally get to see my new doctor to check my foot and leg. If I’m told that riding isn’t going to make it worse I’ll start picking up the riding more and more with indoor Zwift rides and outdoor rides, back to a daily progression. I’ll post more details as the weekend goes by, huge thanks to our Patreon Supporters and we wish you all an excellent weekend.



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