Washing my bike while attempting a post on the mobile app

Today was a good day and as today ends I’m preparing to ride in the morning. I woke from an awesome sleep to start the day with some Overwatch with friends, one of which we hadn’t heard from in a while. She had married and accomplished a lot since we’ve last spoken; we’re so happy for her. After playing some Overwatch with her it was time to clean up, make some food, and kick back to a few movies while I clean my bikes.

My goal tomorrow is to ride at least 60 miles as I slowly progress towards the amount of miles that I was riding before I damaged my leg. Day by day towards the goal while Annika and I work more towards our minimalist lifestyle.

We evaluate everything in our lives now. We do away with more each day while we slowly drop all things that we don’t absolutely need in our lives. We still have quite a bit of a toy collection to get rid of however on that note we’re shutting down our ebay store and will no longer be using ebay ever after August 30th; this is just one of the items we won’t need in our lives anymore.

So much more to say though my mind is on riding so until next time, thanks for reading.

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