All the bikes are clean, now I need to function properly

Lately things have been a little different for me. I function fully based on surroundings and energy, everything around me affects how my day will be; this is the biggest reason we always say keep drama far away from us.

A few years ago I couldn’t hardly leave my room, I’ve fought with agoraphobia for most of my life. The way I’ve managed to function outside of my home and to ride bikes is to stay around familiar and good people and places that I am comfortable. Many people have heard me always say “if it isn’t fun, then there’s no reason to do it”. I live by that saying which is why so many thing I’ve enjoyed doing went stale so quick for me.

We used to love all music however the indie music scene is so toxic it’s now hard to listen to any music. We loved gaming until we found that gaming is awesome as long as you don’t communicate with anyone in the game. We love to ride bikes and I can say that there are some things that have made riding a bike depressing. Over the last few months many bike rides has been filled with bad elements, drama and highly negative conversations; stuff that should not be involved in riding. Point being, Im struggling with getting on my bike and going outside right now.

Annika and I have been chatting about my happiness in riding and how we don’t want negativity or others drama affecting our happiness. We’re thinking that I should go back to solo rides for a bit till things are back to normal or the atmosphere gets cleaner.

On the up side of things, I’ve found a few cyclists that I enjoy riding with, and that the last few days I’ve cleaned all of our bikes. Fingers crossed as I hope to be riding in the morning.

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