First time writing from my laptop

The last few weeks have been quite different due to having to slow down a bit on my riding. My leg does feel better now though it isn’t quite there, however, I’m still going riding tomorrow. I’m so excited to be on my bike tomorrow that I cannot even go to sleep and I’m extremely tired, so excited.

Things in our lives are changing each day for the better and it can get a little confusing when I’m trying to determine how to schedule anything. We’ve recently changed work schedules again, we’ve also started going back outside riding since the weather is a bit cooler; though the humidity has been exhausting since it is monsoon season here. No matter all the changes and sleep or not I’m sitting here on the edge of my seat literally waiting for daylight so I can hit the road on my bike, tires are aired up, water bottles are full and I even started a pot of coffee to get myself caffeinated up. 🙂

If you’ve been keeping up with all the things we’re doing, for example, focusing on our Off the Grid project, you’d know that I’m getting rid of my gaming PC to step down to using a laptop. I’ve always had a laptop but I’ve always worked on my PC while monitoring on my laptop. Getting used to such a small workspace will be a bit challenging but at the moment it does seem a bit easier for me to type on versus my Corsair Lux Keyboard. This is literally the first article that I’ve ever written on the laptop and my plan is to use it all the time and go without bulky workspaces. Annika and I were chatting about the future and how we would finally be able to grab our laptops and chill outside while we relaxed; the little things are always the best.

At the moment I’m chilling while watching “Inspired to Ride” for like the 70th time over the last 8 months while I wait for the coffee to finish; I love this movie so much. Yey! Coffee is ready, time for some relax with my cup while I enjoy the movie till morning, then it’s ride time. I know this article may seem random but it does make sense to me, hehe; have an awesome day and thanks for reading.

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