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As of August 13th, 2018 I have been riding bikes for 1 year and as of today, I’ve ridden almost 8000 miles. January 2018 I got my first road bike and from then on I was riding daily and during that time I was going through tires. I started with tires that were not tubeless and all that I kept hearing from my fellow riding friends were that once I go tubeless that I’ll never go back, they were right. The areas I ride are not your typical group ride places, they are very extreme areas for climbing and long-distance; tons of things on the road that can shred a tire, and in several rides, I did endure quite a few of them. Being new to riding road I wasn’t sure the tires to use and honestly, the tires that people told me to use were the first ones to get replaced, so I picked up a set of tubeless Schwalbe Pro One 700×28 road tires to try out. After the installation of the new tires I was quite anxious to try them out so I headed out on an adventure ride, within the first few minutes I could tell the difference; the ride was much smoother and I felt like I had better control.

Schwalbe Pro One Tires

Several weeks later I was out riding on the Beeline Highway and yup I had a piece of metal go into my tire, I felt a cold blast hit my leg and I started hearing some strange repeated noises; the metal stayed inside of my tire while Stans patched it and not once did I have to slow down.

When I returned in from my ride I went to the bike shop to grab a new tire it was saddening that they didn’t have any of them in stock so I had to get a different set of tires installed. The next morning I was back in the shop for another set of tires and I wasn’t getting any other kind but Schwalbe as the temporary tires (not Schwalbe) got punctured within 6 miles of the morning ride. The shop ordered me some Schwalbe Pro One Tires and when they arrived they were installed, today I still have those tires on my bike.

I’ve ridden on 3 different brands of road tires, all of which were stated to be some of the best by riders who swear by their tires; all were good tires but to me, Schwalbe Pro Ones are the best in the world for road bikes. I did contact Schwalbe in the UK and North America to say thank you to them for making such a wonderful tire and the UK Schwalbe team along with Ben have always responded and have been amazing. I’ll ride Schwalbe Tires from here on out and I give them 5 out of 5 stars as they are the best road bike tires that I’ve used and not once have they failed me.

5 Star Rating
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Schwalbe Pro One tires have been some of the best tires that I’ve had on my road bike.


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  1. Like your review. Unfortunately myself and a couple of friends have had the reverse situation but with G One tyres. Grippy sure. Durable. Not the best at all. But the GOnes are a different tyre.

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