In deep thought on a few overdue product and business reviews

Over many years our within our company WoodBangers Entertainment we’ve always been known for honest reviews on products, businesses, movies, you name it; however, when we started riding we took a little break to get to know the products and places a little better. We’ve visited many bike shops when we started riding as well as since we’ve been riding and yes we idd post a few small feedback posts on a few spots via our Yelp, we’ve thought long and hard before doing a full review until we got to know what was what and who was who. Annika and I decided that we would continue posting our reviews on all products, places, movies etc right here on our site versus on our companies website; so we will be posting a lot more reviews from this point forward.

During our time riding bikes we’ve gotten to experience bikes shops, bike clubs, and cycling based events during their good times and even in their bad, we’ve seen more than we should have had to know in some cases and we are debating on what we will be posting. On the upside of things, we will finally have more content to share here besides our cycling adventures. Our goal in sharing our honest feedback and reviews on everything here is to minimize the places we post it and to keep everything we do in one spot. Over many years we’ve written reviews on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, Yelp, IGN, and many other sites and quite honestly we’re tired of bringing sites like them the traffic and in the end the reviews being changed, removed, or edited by the site so it didn’t make the product or company look bad. The biggest examples are we did a full review on a specific McDonalds and due to the news and coverage that it reached Yelp and every other site removed all negative reviews on that McDonalds, the same thing happened with Cox Communications and several other big-name companies, here they cannot remove it or edit it.

Up and coming we have reviews on several bike related products that we have been using since we bought them as well as reviews on 8 bike shops in our area with a year of visiting them all.

I was planning to focus on riding tomorrow but it turns out that I have to work on my bike again to correct something that was done and/or not done.

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