A long week where everything kept me from riding

I’m not sure what has been going on with the way the world has been working but no matter what we have planned when it comes to riding, something has gotten in the way. Over the last few weeks, I was told by my doctor to slow down on riding (actually he said not to ride for a month or so) so that my leg could heal, however everytime I attempted to ride something got in the way. I’ve been dealing with my leg and foot healing to my lower back getting worse, to upset stomach, to sensors on my bike falling off during a ride, to waiting on a new tire for my bike so that I can ride; what a f’ing few weeks.

I have over the month of August been able to do a few club rides and a few group rides and yesterday I did get to take out Kara for a bit with hopes to have gotten to go ride today. Not only has all the things above been in the way of going riding, it is now tourist season and people are renting the timeshare above us and won’t keep the noise down enough to sleep at night, grrrrrrr “mankind is obsolete”. On the upside of things my new tire arrives tomorrow and hopefully, the day will allow me time to get the new tire on depending on our work schedule.

The plan once my tire is fixed is to get back on a routine of riding by myself or with Scott here and there to do some true endurance rides. I hope to get my legs back to the shape they were in before listing to bad advice and my doctor, riding long distances in silence is just an amazing feeling.

I’m gonna play some Overwatch tonight and relax before we work tomorrow, thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend.

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