My bike tire arrives and the day went well

Today Annika and I took a road trip to Tonto Basin to work a bit more on some of our rides we’re planning, the weather was perfect. During our drive today we discussed the thought of having me ride the route a few times on my road bike to see how it feels, besides theres a ton of debris on the road to prep for.


When we headed back towards Scottsdale to get back home we took a few detours through Fountain Hills to look over some of the climbs that I tend to do from time to time; this was to sort of measure it all in our minds. An hour into driving the routes we then went to the fountain to enjoy dinner at Euro Pizza, what an epic sight to see while enjoying a wonderful meal. We made it home after a little while to see a package on our doorstep, Woohoo; it was my new tire. Tomorrow I’ll stop into Bike Barn to have Dave install the new tire while we run a few more errands to end our day with some epic Comp Overwatch.

I look forward to being back on my bike, it’s time to grind out some miles and climbs.

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