Getting Back on Zwift very soon for some extra ride time

After a lot of debating this, we’ve decided that I will start riding indoors a few days a week on top of my outdoor adventure rides. I stopped Zwift for a few reasons the biggest reason was the weather had cleared up, however, the main reason I started my Zwift account was so that I can ride anytime I wanted to.

I love to ride outdoors more than almost anything, the ability to just ride anywhere is an awesome feeling. Riding long distances and for long hours helps me in so many ways, most importantly for my health and secondly the enjoyment to just enjoy the scenery. Now that I’m back moving forward with riding the goal is to get my legs back to pedaling long hours and more miles, with Zwift I can be inside a few days a week and easily ride a few hundred miles a week while I work and spend some time in our house too; so it is beneficial to continue Zwift a few days a week.

A few things have to take place before I get back on the trainer and the first is to get a trainer tire and rim dedicated to indoor riding. Having a trainer tire will keep me from wearing out my tires faster, however, I haven’t seen too much of a difference in wear and tear in the last set of tires. Once I’ve got a dedicated trainer tire I will work towards a minimum of 250 miles a week indoors to add to the 3-4 outside rides that I do each week, fingers crossed.

It may take a few before I can get a dedicated trainer tire given how things have been since we started riding. Cycling is very expensive, each time I need a tire it’s $100-$150 and that’s at least once a month on top of all of the monthly memberships to Strava, Relive, Zwift, and many other services. My bike lands in the shop a few times a week due to how much I ride. Everyone that actually keeps up with how much I ride has noticed that I ride my bike more in a month than most persons do in a year, so the wear and tear are real. The upside is no matter what, we will reach our goals with or without any help, the only help we do have are the 5 Patrons and one of them is my wife.

Whelp, time to rest a bit before tomorrow mornings fun. Thanks for reading.

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