We use the internet less and less every day

Every day we make one more change in our lives to get further away from what this world is becoming. As human beings, it seems as if we all continue to go backward it lines the wallets of the proper ones and the world is the way we should all be living while we continue to live in the stone-age passing up true technology and change for our environment and a better humanity.

Did you know that we have had full electric cars released to the public (for a short time) in 1832? Or how about when the EV1 was released very quietly in the 90’s while Oil owners and Car manufacturers such as GM put a stop to it? Why do we as human beings not set up our own solar or wind turbines to have our own electricity? Why do we sit and watch our world crumble while relaxing with unemployment on sites like Facebook and Twitch? I guess I’d call the blind the sheep like so many movies have done such as “Wall-E”, “Idiocracy”, and many more.

The above are just some of the things that I think about every day. Many know that we have attempted to use Twitch as a tool to get people to spend more time away from their computers and do not sit at their desks and do nothing with themselves however we’ve finally reached our limit with Twitch and Officially “NO LONGER STREAM ON TWITCH”. We, Like all other intelligent people, don’t use Facebook either. We did end up having to join Facebook for a short time to control our company pages though watching the worst of humanity we couldn’t bear to continue seeing it on a daily basis and it took us months to get Facebook to completely remove us.

So much time is spent using devices nowadays and most of our planet wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if the net no longer existed, we, on the other hand, have from day to day spent less and less time using it.

We have worked in the Tech world for as long as we can remember and what we do know and see, we want no part of what is coming. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “when did I sign an agreement allowing Wal-mart to collect facial recognition and my private info to sell”? This is just one of the items in question that should have everyone thinking, however, thinking on one’s own has become a minimal happening in today’s world too. Yeah, we think a lot; we also don’t sit around and complain when we fill something is wrong.

Now to my point of everything above, for the smaller points anyways. The following sites and or services we do not use or will no longer use.

  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • eBay
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Yahoo
  • Aol
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • Metacritic
  • IGN

Just to name a few.

Some of the sites above we used to use like Metacritic until we found out what really happens with reviews and their controlling who says what based on who pays what. You see, we actually have values and not only that; we stand by them. We’ve never been the people who needed to have a huge friendslist of people we don’t know and we never will. We have a simple philosophy when it comes to social media, if we haven’t heard from you in 90 days then we don’t know you.

This article list just a few reasons as to why we plan to go off the grid over the years to come. There are very few online things that we plan to keep active which we’ve mentioned in earlier posts. We hope you enjoyed reading this and hope that everyone starts to open their eyes to their surroundings.


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