The leg has healed and I’m on my way to full-time riding

Finally, my leg has pretty much healed and I’ve been riding a bit. Slowly each day I’ve done more and more riding and a little bit of walking and jogging. It’s taken some time to really get to functioning fair enough to ride and now It’s time to work towards getting the kind of miles and distances in a day going again that I was doing before.

This week is the start of getting things moving forward with riding my road bike, Monday was a nice smooth 15ish mile ride, Tuesday was an almost 50-mile ride, and today I plan to do some indoor riding with an aim of 70-80 miles. I hope to bounce between indoor and outdoor riding with a pinch of running from time to time, I also aim to do a bit of Crossfit workouts in our gym to help balance the muscles between exercises; each day is a personal achievement.

On other items revolving around riding our bikes, we are working on mapping some pretty nice long-distance routes averaging between 200-300 miles, all rides will be a straight single ride and not broken up into segments. We’ve spoken many times of doing a group ride to Tucson from Scottsdale however sadly all who said they wanted to be part of it (which was holding up the date and time to match everyone’s schedule) backed out and most of them had never ridden more than 50-60 miles in a single ride. The type of rides that I plan to do aren’t Dope Du France style riding, they are high endurance and the only reward from doing such rides are to know we done them.

If you’d like to keep up with the various ride routes that we’re working on you can see them in the “All Projects” link in the top navigation of our site. More to come as things progress, thanks for reading.

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