Attempted riding Zwift and found out why I’m having difficulty

I keep getting on my indoor trainer to ride my bike via Zwift and each time something has continued to be off. From odd noises in the frame to a strange noise that always seemed to come from my wheel or the trainer, tonight I found out it was my tire rubbing my frame. Yes I’ve had some technical difficulties with Zwift as a software since a few updates back and still they haven’t replied but this time the issue is my tire size.

Oddly not one tire has been an issue until this time and yes the tire has a slight wobble just like the last one did. I’ve checked the rim and there isn’t a wobble it is only the way the tire was seated. When this tire was installed for some weird reason it didn’t make the popping sound of it being seated, no matter what even with a bit of extra air to check. So not only am I experiencing a strange size issue with my tire rubbing the frame a smidge every half turn, it did have irregularities from the beginning.

I’ve reached my limit when it comes to things getting in the way of me riding my bike, from worn out muscles to minor oddities like the tire rubbing on the trainer; I’m gonna focus on outdoor only till I change tires or get a trainer tire and rim specifically for indoor cycling. I dream about riding and each time I’ve spent the entire night waiting to head out the door or to ride indoors something has gotten in the way, this cannot happen anymore. Since I couldn’t ride indoors I plan to pound the pavement hard and get some real mileage and climbing in right away. The other day I did do the Fountain Hill climb and yes my legs are feeling it but it’s time to push a whole lot more from here on out.

One day at a time gang, and one step closer to doing more and more miles per week. Each week has progressed so this week I’ll be sure to kick it up a notch. Huge thanks to our supporters and thanks for reading.


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