Preparing to ride the #Beeline200 October 20th from #Bikebarnaz to Tonto National Monument

I’m getting my body prepared while also picking out the additional gear I’ll need for the #Beeline200 Bike ride from Bike Barn of Phoenix to the Tonto National Monument and back. After a lot of debating what could or couldn’t happen during such a long up to 30-hour ride, I’ve decided to use a different set of tires and to use tubes instead of going tubeless. I usually use Schwalbe Pro One 700×28 race tires and I’m certain that I will start this big ride with these tires however I’m taking extra tires and a few tubes just in case and it is much simpler to switch a tube than to try and install a new tubeless tire on the road. When I first started riding a road bike I used the Continental Grand Prix 4000’s II 700×23, I had never gotten a flat with those tires; I merely decided to go tubeless to be safer since I ride a lot. During the #Beeline200 bike ride, I will be switching to the Continental tires if by any chance that I have a flat during the ride since I have several extra tubes in my bags.

In additional preparation for this awesome adventure ride I’ve been debating lighting since I still do not have any and have figured that it is best that I have two front lights and two rear light, this way when one light goes dead I have a fully charged set to turn on while I charge the others with one of the 3 solar bars that I’m taking with me. I also ordered a new 2.5-liter water bladder for my backpack just to have a nice clean one to have on hand. On top of the above-listed items, I am also in need of purchasing a new bib in a slightly bigger size since I have put on a little more weight during my slow period of recovering. My cycling shorts and bibs are very tight and hurt when I ride so I’ve been doing little short rides here and there to sort of warm up while my kidneys and lower back pain ease up. My wife and I welcome all to ride with us during this awesome ride as they’re no entry fees, no prizes, and all who ride are fully responsible for themselves; this is just a nice adventure ride that would much more fun with a fun group of riders. This ride can take a max of 30 hours, according to google maps based on basic bike speeds it takes 27-30 hours however at the basic average of a veteran rider it can take a little time as 16-20 hours; this is all up to who rides. We recommend good lights, ride with someone for better visibility and fun, and to take plenty of water; most of all to everyone who rides this ride with us “Have Fun”.

We will start meeting up outside of Bike Barn in Phoenix at 4am MST and leave out at 5am MST. See you all there.


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