Short rides here and there till the #Beeline200

The closer we get to the #Beeline200 bike ride from Bike Barn of Phoenix to the Tonto National Monument and back the more that we’re focused on preparation for the ride. Yesterday I took my bike along with my newly ordered tires and tubes to Bike Barn to get them installed, I decided to use tubes and a different sized tire to do the #Beeline200 ride. Usually, the tires I use on my Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 (modified) are Schwalbe Pro One 700x28mm however for such a long distance ride with minimal options for changing out a tubeless system I decided to get some Continental Grand Prix 4000s II 700x25mm. Riding the #Beeline200 with 700×25 tires helps a lot given that when I have 700×28’s on my bike if I get a little dirt on my tire I hear it squeaking and scrubbing on my frame since it is such a tight fit, stepping down a size allowed me 1/4 inch of space. Having tubes versus tubeless allows me the ability to quickly swap out a tube and get back on the road versus using several co2 cartridges in hopes to seat a tubeless tire which has been very difficult the many times that I’ve had flats on the road.

Today I tried the new tires on my trainer riding indoors a few miles on Zwift, with the 1/4 inch of space it made indoor riding so much easier and for the first time, it didn’t sound like I was rubbing my tire every now and then when I put some real power into riding. On the indoor riding, I will be hopping on here and there and also doing short sporadic rides up until the #Beeline200, this will allow me to not stress the muscles too much before the big ride and with short rides here and there it will help to keep my muscles ready to go when the ride starts. In other news, my leg has fully healed and some of the health issues that I’ve been dealing with have sorted out a bit; so I’m ready for some full-time riding.

Excited and nervous at the same time given that the #Beeline200 will be the longest time I’ve spent in the saddle in a single ride, in fact, it’ll be 3 times more than I’ve ridden in a single ride. The #Beeline200 will also be the longest ride I’ve ever ridden, 80 miles more than my longest single ride. The elevation in the #Beeline200 is beyond extreme for a single nonstop ride, it’s 1k feet of elevation each direction. Yes I’m very nervous however at the same time I’m so excited to do this ride and I look forward to planning more rides like this.

More to come and thank you to the few supporters.


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