So excited and ready for the big #BeeLine200 bike ride

It’s been a long-anticipated time whilst I prepare for the #Beeline200 bike ride which starts at 5am on October 20th, 2018 leaving out from Bike Barn of Phoenix Arizona. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking over needed items to do this ride especially lighting and the lights arrived yesterday and they are awesome. We ordered a 1600 lumen light and a 700 lumen light for the front of the bike and 2 rear lights.

Now that we have the lights on the bike it was time to go stock up on some Gu Energy, a new water bottle and of course a cycling hat from Bike Barn.

MatyAndAnnika | Stocking up for a long bike ride
MatyAndAnnika | Stocking up for a long bike ride

Now that I’m stocked up and have been keeping my legs ready to roll out, we’re planning even more big rides.

Cities is a new project in which I’m working towards visiting a few new cities a week while out riding my bike and I aim to cover on average 100 miles per ride. We’ve been working on mapping out trips across Arizona from west to east and from north to south, I’m even considering jumping on my bike and riding to Mexico one afternoon just to be doing it. The more we get things moving the more we will share, my mind is 100% on riding the #BeeLine200 more than anything else at the moment. Hugs to our supporters and huge thanks to the awesome riders that have jumped on board to ride with me. More to come…..

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