Less than 24 hours till the #BeeLine200 pedaling 210 miles in under 30 hours

So I’m awake and counting down the time until I have to ride my bike to the Bike Barn of Phoenix (7 miles) to meet with whoever else wants to ride to the Tonto National Monument and Back with me (210 miles). This route my wife and I titled the #BeeLine200 is an awesome and very difficult ride and I’m so excited to be doing it. Since it’s less than 24 hours away once again I wanted to point out all of the important details for those who want to ride this route too.

  • This ride is a self-supported ride, anyone who rides this route takes full responsibility for themselves.
  • There are no prizes for doing this ride.
  • This is not a group no drop chill ride, this ride is for anyone to ride and enjoy it on their own.
  • There are no planned stops and no one has to ride together unless they want to.
  • 80% of the ride there is no cell service and no net capability.
  • On this route, there are very minimal areas to refill water or get snacks so be sure to take what you need to get you between spots to refill.
  • When it gets dark my wife will ride by us from time to time to make sure we’re safe, she has a cooler full of water that all are welcome to.
  • The goal is to ride this ride and all who ride the route make it back in less than 30 hours so that we know everyone is off the road when we are done.
  • If you want to ride the route and you have a friend that wants to sag for you, feel free and have fun. The more people on the road riding bikes and being visible makes it much safer for all who are riding.
  • Dave (manager of the Bike Barn) has offered to grab a few pizzas for riders to have a snack when they return.

I put together this route as a personal goal to ride and I hope that others want to ride it too if they do then awesome and if they don’t then that’s awesome too. I ride a bike for pure enjoyment and for personal goals. Groups rides aren’t for me, I’m not a slow rider nor am I the fastest; I simply like to ride and think to myself while enjoying the beauty of outside.

Today I’m getting a Spot Gen 3 so that my wife and our supporters can Dotwatch as I ride the route. Our Patron supporters have been amazing to us so we thought allowing those who are Patrons to watch the Spot GPS would be awesome. If you’re not a Patron and want to support click here and become one today, $5 a month Patrons will receive a link to the Spot GPS url before the ride starts in the morning at the latest.

To those who are riding the route, be sure to have plenty of light as the route gets very dark at 6:19pm. The climbs are intense, some areas at 7% for up to 8 miles in distance. We’ve kept an eye on road debris and it is minimal but do be very careful as once we get in the Sunflower area there are big patches of broken glass, 2 sections that are very noticeable. Here are some important notes that I’ve made from the road.

  • cell and internet signal out from exit 196-205
  • cell and internet signal on from 205-210
  • cell and internet signal out from 211-213
  • cell and internet signal on 213-214
  • cell and internet signal out and sporadic 214-218
  • cell and internet signal on 218-221
  • cell and internet signal out 221- (big broken glass spot at 222) 234
  • cell and internet signal on 234- (turn right after mile marker 235 onto 188).
  • on HWY188 cell and internet signal off till Jakes Corner. water and food about 2 miles

That’s about it so I will see whoever is riding the route tomorrow at the Bike Barn of Phoenix before 5am; 5am is when we pull out of the parking lot.


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