We visited Pivot Cycles Yesterday

Yesterday we visited Pivot Cycles thanks to Tiffany, Ben, Tim and many other awesome people there. We were going to test ride a Pivot Vault in my size which isn’t in stock so Ben (Pivot Staff) was going to bring in his “Mike Hall” (green) Pivot Vault for me to check out. When we arrived some circumstances come into play where Ben couldn’t bring in the bike and as they were calling me we were already there it was all good as they invited us in to see one of the other employees’ bikes while they went over everything about Pivot and the Vault. Tiffany, Ben, and a few others went over all of our questions; they thoroughly took the time to make sure this was the bike for us; then they linked us with a bike shop that could help to make sure we got it.

The Pivot Vault has been a high-interest bike of ours and being that no shop in our area has one, let alone in my size; made it difficult to test them out. A few months back I reached out to Pivot and Erin was working on getting me to a demo which due to unforeseen circumstances we ended up losing touch with each other however about a week ago I met Tim Louis (director of Pivot) which reassured me to reach out once again; he was right! The Pivot Family are an amazing group of people to work with and they have some amazing bikes, we look forward to being a part of the Pivot Family.

When we started to head off to Action Rideshop to meet up about our up and coming Pivot Vault purchase, Tiffany hooked us up with a few shirts and a really nice water bottle for my bike; it was an awesome visit.

We then made it to Action Rideshop in Mesa where we met up with Josh to chat about purchasing the Pivot Vault. The shop was very nice and filled with bikes and snowboards and a group of very knowledgeable staff. We spoke with Josh and had awesome conversations about adventure riding and many other items while we found a good timeline to start into our order, we had a good time. After we figured out all of the details and timeline we headed out to run other errands; the day was awesome and we’re so excited to be nearing the day that my wife and I will both have Pivot Vaults.

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