Our shirts are available for Pre-Order

It’s Official! We’ve started setting up to manufacture our own merchandise. Over the last few months, we’ve worked towards setting up our own screen printing and merch office. Currently, we’re able to screen print our own shirts and a few other items, by the New Year we will be able to not also print full-color shirts, mugs, hats and much more. For the time being, we have set up a page where you can Pre-Order our currently listed shirts and soon to come we will take custom orders for others that need custom merchandise made.

Over the years we’ve had to use other places like TeeSpring, Spreadshirt and some others which those places charge the purchaser way too much while keeping 90% of the profits. Our goal is to make sure that we can keep the prices lower so that people who support us not only get a good product but at a fair price. As we get closer to the new year we will add more and more shirts to our shop page while we work towards creating a store environment that will be much easier to navigate around.

If you’d like to Pre-order a shirt to support our cycling interest, be sure to click this link to place your order. If you’d like to know when we will take custom orders for others who’d like custom shirts made, be sure to follow our blog for the latest updates.

Thanks for reading and for the support.


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