Yesterday we started learning how to fit bikes hands on.

For several months we’ve been growing our tool collection while daily educating ourselves on bike mechanics and bike fitting. When we started riding we were given the basic information of letting our foot set on the pedal a certain way and it will tell us if the seat is high or low; well that’s basic info and it helped.

Our bikes are in between sizes for both of us on all of our Giant bikes, so it’s tricky to get a really good fit. Annika has been having seat and positioning problems since the day she got her bike, her schedule just didn’t allow enough time to really get it figured out so now we’re working on hers. Daily we spend a bit of time learning something new about our bikes as well as future bikes, our goal is to be able to handle any fix at any time no matter where on the planet we are when we need to fix something.

In some ways, bike fitting seems difficult but honestly, it isn’t. You can learn how to do bike fittings in a few hours with only 2 tools that cost on average $35 in total. There are tons of sites and companies that will sell you all of the bells and whistles so that it all looks extremely complicated to the unsuspecting eye, but in reality, it is a simple process. The 3 most important things to know are how to position a seat based on how the rider rides, once that is done then you adjust the reach to the handlebars; and of course, there are setting up the cleats properly. From the day we started riding bikes I’ve never gotten a bike fitting and until I damaged my leg from riding so much I didn’t know that my cleats were not set up correctly. You can’t just turn over the shoes and put on the cleats based on looking; you have to install them based on the rider’s feet and angles in which each foot operates when pedaling. So… yeah we’ve learned a lot and we put all we learn into motion to become better educated with our bikes. Now that we’re aware of what takes place in bike fitting and know how to make the necessary adjustments we can get to riding in better comfort.

Annika and I put our education to work yesterday as we made some tweaks to her bike and we went on a bit of a short testing ride. During the bike ride, we would make any needed changes in the fit as we saw or as she felt the need. After about 15 minutes of fiddling with the adjustments, Annika was no longer hurting when she pedaled. During each minor centimeter change, she relaxed more and more into her bike until the pressure was shifted to the proper areas. Usually, when she and I ride it didn’t take long and she was in pain, she even bought a more expensive seat and she has had her seat adjusted many times but not with the tools; the tools made the biggest difference. Before we got the tools and the knowledge each day was a tweak here and there to not quite get it to where it needed however with the tools it took no more than 20 minutes of tweaking and all was fixed.

Next on the agenda is for her and me to start the fitting on my mountain bike and when we know that it is perfect we will begin to work on my road bike. Today and in the coming week, more of the tools needed to work on bike fittings and any mechanical work on our bikes will arrive. We’ve made it a habit to buy the different greases required, extra patches, a tool here and there so that as time goes by we’re building our workstation and our supplies so that when we ride long distances we can cover any foreseen repair or modification.

Happy riding and we thank you for reading, if you have any questions feel free to comment below and if you like this article hit the like button. Have an awesome day.

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