Day 1 warming up my legs

In preparation for 2019’s goal to ride 25,000 miles in a single year, I’m gonna start warming my legs up each day with a little ride. At this time until the new year, I’ve to ride a little each day without missing a day; that in itself is a hard task. Over the last few months, I have been battling a few health issues however it is something that I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life so I cannot let it stop me now.

My new daily schedule is a lot different lately and has changed many times over the last few weeks which has made it hard to keep a regular routine, now it is starting to stabilize. Our mornings begin at 2am now MST so we get to bed pretty early. With this schedule it allows me to get a little bit of computer work done, post an article here and there, and still have a little time to work on the next podcast before I leave out to ride my bike. When the New Year hits I will need to ride at least 70 miles a day every day in order to reach my goal for the year and if by any chance that I miss a day or have to stop for a day I need to keep at least 480 miles a week every week to stay on point. The last time I reached 480 miles in a single week is when the leg damage made itself noticed so I intend to do the miles comfortably and in the process of the rides, I’ll take the time to do some more photography and GoPro filming for our YouTube channel. Each ride that I do I’ll be slowly taking a bigger amount of supplies as I’m filling my backpack up with more gear as the weeks go by and we’re in the process of getting the bike bags for bikepacking in the future so getting used to the weight is a good thing.

This week we did add a few things to our supplies, most importantly was a spork multitool and a small very nice first aid kit in which we purchased at our local REI. We’ve priced a few bivy bags for sleeping and a few more Goal Zero solar panel kits, and of course, we’ve picked out the Revelate Designs bags in which we will be adding to my bike soon. Oh and I cannot forget that I do have some Nutella in my bag most of the time, woohoo. As things progress the goal is that I have the supplies on my at all times during an adventure bike ride that if I need to camp for a day or two then I can. I also keep a small number of tools and tubes on me for the just in case bike repair comes up.

So let’s call this “Day 1 warming my legs” while I post each morning before the ride and come back with a fair distance ridden on my bike each afternoon.

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