Day 2 warming up my legs

Yesterday was day 1 and it was epic, to say the least. John and I went out to Paradise Valley where we tackled the big hills, we took it all nice and slow while we worked on getting our muscles back in shape. One of the hills we climbed yesterday was a 13.8 gradient in which I went up it at 17mph, we had some fun and today we aim to do a bit more.

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Today the goal is to help John train to do the Fount Hills area, John has never made it up into this area so this is going to be epic for him. We set a plan or a goal to reach today and that is that we get him at least to the entry point which is right before the gate and before the big climb. This entire route is a continuous climb and John’s bike isn’t built for climbing as it is an 8-speed internal hub hybrid. We’ve decided that other than the once a month huge rides that I’m doing that he and I will work towards his training goal every Friday and Saturday. Today my friend Jeff is coming out too so it’ll be even more exciting with good company.

When we finished our ride yesterday we had ridden a nice simple 30ish miles on our road bikes and when I got home I grabbed my mountain bike and headed right back out the door for some strength building. While I was out I stopped in our office and picked up some of my packages to see that our bike fitting tool arrived, woohoo.

Bike Fitting tool | MattyAndAnnika.Life

Every day is certainly another step towards having all of our tools for our bike room.

In a few hours, I will meet up with John and Jeff so that we can start our climb towards Fountain Hills. When we get back from this epic adventure ride it’ll be time to get ready to head over to the Breaking Benjamin concert where Annika and I can enjoy a night out. Of course, Breaking Benjamin is one of our most favorite bands and to see them tonight will just top off the year nicely.

The mileage goal today is 35-40 and each day I’ll step it up a little until I reach 70 miles daily. In riding the 70 miles every day this will make sure that when the New Year starts that I’m on point for my goal to ride 25,000 miles for the year 2019. Now I’ve been asked where will I ride to and to answer that, I’ll ride where ever my feet take me. Each day I just plan to get on my bike and go and during this time I aim to see every city in Arizona for one of my goals and to cross a few states and more. Honestly, there is no telling where I will venture off to, my focus right now is to just have the means to make it to where ever I get to.

Whelp it is time for some breakfast before I get my bike aired up and ready to roll. Thanks for reading and if you like what we’re doing be sure to hit the like button, drop a comment and/or subscribe to our blog.

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