Day 3 warming the legs

I had just gotten back from today’s ride and I didn’t have the time this morning to post about how yester went, so today I’ll go over both yesterday and today. Yesterday’s bike ride was an adventure, to say the least. Jeff, John and I headed out to take on Fountain Hills as a training ride for John per his weekly Saturday goal, and it was a fun ride. To start with we all took the road very relaxed up into the Fountain Hills area while we spent the morning chatting and just enjoying the scenery. My buddy Jeff riding along with us made it even more of an enjoyable morning as everyone just got along so well. Jeff hadn’t been up to Fountain Hills either so this worked out for him as well so we were taking in the excitement during this windy, chilly day. About midway, to the Fountain Hill area where the slope starts, John had to leave early due to time and over-scheduling so Jeff and I continued onward. During our trip, we were discussing how that I keep having blowouts on my tires and how the Strava App on IOS kept disconnecting and completely crashing every few minutes. Since Strava’s latest update every ride had had drops and crashes and many Strava users are wondering what the heck. I, being a premium member that according to Strava gets support still haven’t gotten a reply on this in 7 days so I am considering once again shutting down my premium services with Strava.


The Strava App kept shutting off and it was really getting annoying to have to keep checking it to see if it were even working while Jeff told me how I should just do away with using the app and get a Garmin or get a Bryton like he has. When we were getting close to finishing our awesome ride we headed towards his house as he sold me his other Bryton Rider 530, wow that was very nice of him. We were talking about how to set it all up and my mother called so I took her call, I let her know that I was riding and told her that she should win the lottery so that she could be my tire sponsor right before I said goodbye. When I hung up the phone my front tire exploded! For no reason at all my front tire blew clean off of the rim and it sounded like a gun went off. People came running out of the house to see that we were okay while Jeff and I look at each other like “WTF!!”, we were completely shocked. No puncture the Specialized tube in which I bought brand new split in half when it blew up, I won’t buy Specialized Tubes ever again as all of the tubes from the #BeeLine200 were the same tubes. Jeff started to get ready to take me home when I realized that I had tons of tubes brand new in the box inside of my back, and these tubes are continental so I quickly changed the tube and rode straight towards my house.

Specialized Tubes Suck | MattyAndAnnika

To say the least, yesterdays ride was an adventure and a beautifully fun ride with awesome friends. After the bike ride, my wife and I went out to see Breaking Benjamin perform live and it was epic!


Getting home from an epic concert we headed straight to bed to get up at 5am today to get ready for our morning bike ride with John.

We got the bikes ready as we set out for our morning adventure and I was really excited about trying out the Bryton Rider 530 bike computer. I was a bit nervous as to if I had everything set up right but either way my wife and I were off to ride on another Sunday adventure with our friend John and we weren’t gonna let anything stop it.

Camelback Mountain | MattyAndAnnika

This mornings ride was very chill as we took in the scenery riding past the Camelback mountain, great conversations and just a relaxing end of the week ride. Annika and I didn’t think we’d be able to ride very far this morning but when we got with John we just enjoyed it, John is an awesomely fun guy to know. The plan was no hills on Sunday and if you can’t talk and ride then we’re going too fast; that’s what riding a bike is all about, simple enjoyment.

Now it’s time to get the rest of the day going and Annika and I have already planned our adventure for tomorrow morning as we plan to leave out extremely early so that we can try out our lights. Thanks for reading and being a part of our nutty fun on bikes and have a wonderful day.

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  1. Great post Matt !! I’m curious about the bike computer mount on or above your Aerobar bottle !! I would love find something that will work over my Aerobar bottle. Any suggesting will be appreciated. Thank sso my my friend

    1. Hey GSW_Bike how are ya brotha? First off thanks for the comment and reading the post. The item I am using is the XLabs Torpedo compact 500 which is totally not worth the cost. The mount is cool and you can get it without getting this full kit as the bottle isnt worth owning and XLabs as a company is horrible with no support or responses. The cheaper version of this is the compact 125 is the same thing and the bottle is much more durable but still the bottle will fall apart as they are extremely cheaply made. hope this helps

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