Day 4 warming legs

It’s day 4 of our daily bike riding adventures and we’re getting our coffee and oatmeal in before we head out on today’s ride. Yesterday was an awesome time so today we are aiming to have the same kind of a day if not better as Annika and I attempt to take our mountain bikes to Chandler from Scottsdale and back. A few weeks ago I rode my road bike into Chandler and it was fun, Annika, however, has not ridden down there yet so today we aim to get there.

Currently, we’re 4 days straight into my goal to ride every day in preparation for my New Years goal to ride my bike 25,000 miles next year. Just riding every day is a tough task but when you love riding your bike it is fun no matter how you look at it. The route we’re taking towards Chandler is a simple straight shot on a road bike, however, today we’re gonna go through canals and other terrains to make it a little challenging and fun.

Over the last week or so we’ve been keeping up with Lael Wilcox as she has been hiking through the Arizona Trail, very impressive and between her, our friend GSW_Bike, and the amazing Mike Hall; their inspiration keeps us wanting to do more and more. We’re adventurous people and love to challenge ourselves and with people like that in the world, it keeps us looking at even more ways to make our adventures even more fun.

On another note, yesterday we visited our buddy Dave at Bike Barn to check into some up and coming modifications I’m doing to my bike. Dave is the coolest and most dependable person we know when it comes to bike related things, he offered to make sure whatever our needs that open or closed he’d make sure our stuff was always done and ready to roll out when we needed it. We love Bike Barn and their amazing staff, they will be doing several builds and custom changes to our bikes as things progress and the awesome “Mary” is always there to help in any and all ways too. If you’re in the area and looking for a group ride, a new bike, or just a quick repair make sure to drop and see them.

Alright everyone, be sure to check out all of the people in our article as well as Bike Barn of Phoenix when you have the time. We appreciate you taking the time to read and if you like what we’re doing subscribe to our blog, like or leave us a comment. Have an awesome adventure today.

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