Day 5 warming up the legs

Day 4 in a row has been accomplished and here we are at day 5, it’s been epic so far, to say the least. Yesterday was quite a nice day filled with a bit of headwind and some nice cool weather. Annika and I set out to reach Chandler by bike from Scottsdale and she got to visit a few cities on the way, Ahwatukee, Guadalupe, Tempe, and a small touch of Phoenix and Chandler’ just the tips lol. During our ride, we saw all kinds of canals and trails and some we just decided to go down and it was beautiful. When we were riding on the roads in Guadalupe and found the multi-use trail on the dies of it there was a beautiful steel fence decorated in steel cut cactus and birds; so nice.

The headwinds were rough coming back up but the goal was to do more spinning which means smaller gears to keep the legs spinning during the trip. This ride wasn’t about going fast it was merely to keep our legs spinning while we had a chill adventure together and that it was.

Before heading out yesterday we finished doing some tweaks on Annika’s fitting and she had a blast finally being able to ride without being in pain the whole time. Now her positioning is a perfect 30% leg and a nice 45% for lean-to and she had a very pleasant ride. When we finished up our ride and had finished with errands and routines at home she assisted me with looking over my road bike fitting which pointed out the positioning is close but not quite there. Today I will do a long day in the saddle while I contemplate how the current positioning is before I make the changed. My current positioning is 20% leg and a 45% lean-to, so there is a need for adjustment but at the moment it sort of fits me since I use my aero bars a lot.

We’ve learned a lot about bike fitting, bike repair, and a good bit on customized changes in which we’re working on being able to have on the new bikes (Pivot Vault). I’ve also learned quite a bit between using a bike computer like the Bryton Rider 530 versus the Strava App, the bike computer is much more dependable and uses none of my phone battery. I am planning with the Altitude setting as it seems to not have the right elevation after the last 2 rides however Strava allows correction in the sight thankfully.

Next, on the worth mentioning, we’ve decided to get rid of our Wahoo Kickr Snap as we do not plan on indoor riding at all any longer. With our future goals of crossing states and countries, the indoor trainer isn’t a need item as we need to be riding in all weather to allow our bodies to be used to all extremities. When we find a new home for our indoor trainer we will put those funds towards bags for our bikes and a few other needed items for our gear. We will be picking up our GoPro Hero 7 very soon so that we can focus on more videos for our YouTube Channel.

Now today’s goal will be a bit of a push, I’m going to try to get a 50-60 mile ride in. I’m planning to take my road bike through Paradise Valley and after that ride, I will ride through Fountain Hills to tackle those climbs; this should be an epic climb day. Every day is a bike ride day for the foreseen future to get to at least 70 miles every day before January 1st, fingers crossed. Now it’s time to finish my oatmeal and coffee before this epic bike ride day gets rolling.

Thanks for checking out what we’re up to and huge thanks to the supporters on our Patreon.

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