Day 6 of warming my legs before the New Year

Yesterday I set out to accomplish a solid 50-60 miles and as the morning started it was very cold so I waited just a bit longer to start up. When I got on my bike and headed down the street the tailwind was awesome but I right away noticed something was wrong. I usually am pedaling almost 30 mph down this road and I was pedaling with everything that I have in me along with the tailwind and could hardly reach 20 mph. I kept pulling over to see what was was wrong, was my tires low already, or was I dragging something in my wheel; neither was taking place. I ran my tires a little lower this morning only to test a theory but only 10 psi difference for my typical ride but not enough to feel like I was pulling a car on a carbon bike.

Back on my bike and riding downhill on 68th Street towards Curry and still giving it all I had, it was time to turn around and have the bike looked at. When I looped around to start heading back uphill into the headwind, wow the wind was strong this morning. Between whatever was wrong with my bike and the headwind I could hardly reach speeds of 8 mph in areas that I’d typically be doing 25-28 uphill.

While I was riding back my wife texted to say that she was going for a bike ride and I told her that I was about to pull in and she immediately knew something was wrong as I had merely left less than an hour ago; she waited on me to walk in. I told her about the wind and about my bike so we loaded it in the house to look it all over and then we went to see Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix.

As always Dave and the team at Bike Barn were ready for me to bring my bike in, they have a very busy schedule but Dave says he will get it done immediately so that I can get back to riding; #TeamDaveAZ rocks! Now here we are preparing the morning so that I can take my bike in to get it fixed.

The game plan today is to take “Icarus” (my road bike) out for a nice right and make a list of any and all issues that I find and then ride it to Bike Barn of Phoenix where they will fix all of the problems for me. My plan is to do 15-20 miles and they drop my bike off with them and when I leave I’ll walk a 10k to support a charity on the way back. Over the next day or two while Bike Barn works on my bike I will be riding my mountain bike (Kara) so that I can continue to ride every day without missing a day.

So here we are Day 6 of riding every day back to back and I’m still going, no matter what. Yesterday may have been a short ride but I did ride and today I’ll get some riding in as well. Don’t forget tomorrow our newest Podcast comes out.

Oh and one other thing that I needed to mention. I’ve been getting asked why I do not mention Bikes and Life anymore the answer is simple, they closed down and are no longer in Arizona. We loved Bikes and Life and it was sad to see them close but the upside of things is that the awesome staff are now at Bike Barn of Phoenix and they’re keeping the awesomeness about them in that beautiful shop.

Thanks for reading and if you like what we’re doing be sure to follow our blog, like the post, or even drop us a comment. Have an awesome day and Ride On.

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