Day 7 of warming my legs

Team Dave to the rescue is a term that we’ve used on many occasions and today is just another one of those days. This morning I made it to Bike Barn of Phoenix to meet with Dave so that I may drop my bike off for repairs and hopefully have it back from Friday, well I got it back today.

I arrived early as I was going to do a bit of riding but the bike was just too sluggish so I just went on down to the shop and not too much longer Dave pulled in. I was shedding some of my clothes as it got really hot with my hoody on and Dave starts to pull in with a big smile and a wave. He says to me “Good Morning Matty, Let’s bring it on in”, the shop wasn’t even open yet. I started to push my bike in and he was already grabbing it to hear from me exactly what the trouble was. We chatted for a few minutes while he set it all up and immediately started tearing down the rear tire and the bottom bracket one at a time fixing them both. Maybe an hour of chit-chat while he worked on my bike and he says, “You’re All Set, take her for a ride and let me know”; I hopped on and went out the door spinning those pedals with no longer the feeling of pulling a truck behind me. Dave had done it again, my bike was right on the money and ready to go; I didn’t have to wait till Friday and my bike was ready before the shop opened. Team Dave, Mary, Paul, Other Dave and the rest of the crew at Bike Barn of Phoenix are awesome, it’s nice to always have a great shop to go to for all my bike troubles or needs.

I had planned to walk/run a 10k this morning since I’d be without my bike but I ended up riding my bike back so now I’m able to take an adventure tomorrow. This leads me to the end of my current day as it has been very busy. I knocked out and released tomorrows Podcast this morning, I can now ride “Icarus” in the morning since it is fixed; it’s been a full afternoon and time to call it a day. In the morning the rest of this article will be below and send released, epic day; #RideOn!

Above written: November 14th, 2019 4:20pm

Odysea Aquarium | MattyAndAnnika

Good morning, It’s 3:35am November 13th, 2019 and I overslept a little. I’m just having my first cup of coffee, took my antibiotics for the oncoming cold which is choking me at the moment; and I’ve started to clean the house. I have a plan of where I want to ride this morning, however, depending on the ability to breathe would be if I go out or not.

A cold has been lingering around for a few days so we started antibiotics to get a quick grip on it, this morning I woke and my nose feels like I snorted glass and it’s hard to talk; Team Daves Brand has kicked us hard lol. Every time Dave is sick and we visit we get sick, it’s all good. Imma give it a few hours to see how I feel after some meds and if all goes well I’m gonna go do some riding and if not then I’ll try to get better then do so.

Fount Hills, Arizona | MattyAndAnnika

My ride plan is to visit the city of Carefree Arizona after riding through Paradise Valley and on the way back from Carefree rolling through Fountain Hills so that I get a good bit of climbing and scenery. If I’m too sick to do such a ride then I’ll just do a short ride for my ride everyday goal while I fight off this cold and then try and kick it out of my system as fast as I can and come back to the goal of Carefree, Arizona for next week. Right now it is looking towards a short ride and a lot of cold medicines so that I can ride Paradise Valley tomorrow with John.

The upside is no matter what I’m riding my bike a little or a lot, either way, is awesome. If I do ride a short ride I’ll do some working out in our gym. Time to have some breakfast and to get the day rolling, we hope you enjoyed yesterdays Podcast and today’s article; have an awesome day.

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