Day 8 and we’re both extremely sick

Yesterday we both woke with a bad cold as we had it coming on for a couple days, now it is in full swing. My goal yesterday was to ride to Carefree Arizona even though I was sick however it became impossible to pedal. I did get some walking in yesterday on our elliptical but to me, that isn’t considered good enough for what my personal goal in fitness is.  So I didn’t get to ride yesterday as my lungs kept filling up with fluid giving me the drowning feeling on every deep breath I took and this morning it is worse.

Annika can hardly talk with a very sore throat and my sinuses are so agitated that my nose keeps pouring blood and it hurts to touch my nose or face. We’re on antibiotics, real Sudafed and we’re drinking a lot of water and ginger. We hope to kill off this cold before Monday as the weekend is totally out of the question to be able to ride our bikes in the cold weather with such a cold, we also don’t plan on sharing our cold with our friend John who is in cancer treatment.

Today I’m gonna try and fight this cold off from indoors while I scrub our home even more than we scrub it every day to try and get rid of any bacteria lingering. It’s gonna be a soup weekend with tons of spicy herbs while I work out in our gym to try and beat this mess, ya gotta love the Chemtrails right before everyone gets sick and the pharmaceutical companies start their money machines. Keep safe and well everyone, we will continue to post each morning with updates of how things are, thanks for the support and be sure to check out our Podcast.

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