Another day another cold to get out of our systems

What a day yesterday! When we woke up yesterday to start off the day this cold seemed to feel like after a little bit more rest that it would go away but it didn’t. We took our antibiotics and did our normal routine and made it through the day pretty smooth other than feeling like crap. When Annika and I teamed up to run some errands we stopped in for some gas and well….. this is where things got a bit weird.

I started to pump gas while Annika went inside to pay and to get some change to add a little air into our tire. She started walking towards the entrance when a young man on crutches asked if she could spare a smoke, she responded to him nicely stating that she didn’t smoke and he thanked her. The young man then yelled across the lot to ask me if I did and I said the same, he thanked me as well. As I started to pump the gas the young man asked someone who was standing on the other side of my car and the other man started yelling crap back at the kid. The other person was just looking to cause trouble as he wandered towards me. When I noticed he was walking towards me I stated very clearly for him to keep personal distance and to kindly go elsewhere however when I turned back towards the pump his hand touched my shoulder; this is when a bomb ignited inside of me. First of all, I don’t like anyone touching me let alone people that I do not know. While my brain did a triple check before my immediate response I was in mid turn sort of like slow motion as I could hear this guy continuing to curse the young man trying to incite something. As my body fully turned I exploded with rage giving the man the simple choice to get as far from me as he could before he wouldn’t be able to do it himself. The man trembled as he couldn’t stop with his loud obnoxious mouthing off at the young man he was quickly apologetic to me and doing the drunken stumble away from me. The young man thanked me and went about on his own accord as the older man kept slowly going back to where he was.

Annika made it to the car and saw that I was bad on edge and doing all that I could to not be the destruction in the world as she caught the tail end of things and she spoke calmly to the older man letting him know that he was upsetting the wrong kind of person that he should go do his thing and respect personal boundaries. When the man realized in full what he had caused he started leaving right away and all was chilling out. I went inside the store to asked the younger man if he was okay and he stated he had just got out of the hospital from a motorcycle wreck and was trying to get back home, we offered him a lift and helped him into our car. The young man had a terrible motorcycle wreck the night before and was just discharged to walk out into a drunken older man being a complete asshole, what kind of a world have we let it become?

The ending result of yesterday was a good one as it wasn’t too long ago that there would be no chance that I’d let that rude older man walk away from offending me or anyone else, I’m getting a better grip on my rage. Cycling helps me keep calm in the corrosive world we live in. Before I started riding all I could see was bad that was in it and now that I ride I can explore the beauty in it without having to hear or see the destructive magnitude of what we as humans have allowed it to be. I love being a calmer person and I’m very happy that the day went the way it did versus how it could’ve, I’m very thankful that we could help that younger man to have a better day than he was having.

After such an od adventure at the gas station we decided that since I could hold my temper better, I was getting supersized Marshmallows. Snack time at the grocery store woohoo, we picked up some cupcakes, marshmallows that stood over 2 inches tall, some halls for our sore throat, some ginger beer, and a few other things to munch on. We came back to enjoy one of our favorite YouTube channels “My Little Homestead“.

Time to Netflix and Chill, lol.

So we kicked back and enjoyed our favorite YouTube, had some snacks and got some rest; now here we are.

This morning I did sleep in a bit, I managed to wake at 3:30am versus 2 as my dog had not yet started pouncing on me; she was snuggled beside me. I heard Annika up making coffee so I jumped up and the normal day started. We’re talking about the up and coming holiday with family that we’re going to this coming week versus going to Snow Bowl in Flagstaff to snowboard like last year. We’re making some cool dishes for the dinner like a nice green bean casserole and a pineapple jello snack, it’s gonna be huge get together with over 20 of the family members. We do plan on going snowboarding soon but not just yet, we’re gonna do that sometime in January after Annika and I celebrate our 11th year Anniversary in Jerome at the Haunted Hotel (Jerome Grand Hotel).

Jerome Grand Hotel | Jerome Haunted Hotel | MattyAndAnnika

Once we visit there and of course go pick up some of Maynard James Keenan‘s (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Tapeworm, and more) wine from Caduceus Cellars and visit the Puscifer Store we can head down to Flagstaff to Snow Bowl and do some snowboarding.

So today’s plan…. We’re still trying to get better so that we can get back on our bikes by Monday. We will be heading down to REI this weekend to stock up on some things for our bikes and bikepacking trips, we’re also keeping a watch on Lael Wilcox as she hikes through Arizona to Mexico; “Good Luck Lael!”. We also hope to find a good movie actually more hoping that the film industry will release a good one sometime this year.

Time to make the best of another day and we hope you do as well. What to take from this and yesterdays adventure? Always look for the positive side of things, enjoy what we have in life and make the best of every day. Hugs and Loves to all of our supporters and thanks for reading.

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