December 15th, 24 hour Stream pedaling on Zwift supported by @bikebarnphoenix #bikebarnaz

Yesterday was an epic adventure even though we were both sick and unable to go out on our bikes. We got our day started like normal and then while I was doing some tech work one of my friends Twitch stream went live. Brokenhipshot on Twitch is his name and it had been a while since we had seen each other live or heard from one another so I headed to his channel. When I got to his channel he was talking about tips to being on Zwift and I said hello, well from that point somehow we started talking about if anyone would do a 24 hour stream on a bike using Zwift it would be me and a few minutes of thinking I was like; sure I’ll do it. For a bit, we talked about the idea with another fellow streamer Jangro while I contemplated the proper time and date to tackle such feat.

I decided the best time and date that fit my schedule and that landed on a weekend, December 15th, 2018 and I’ll start pedaling on my indoor trainer streaming Zwift on my Twitch Channel at 6am MST.

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life
24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

Once I had figured out the time and the goal I started looking for the proper charity to help while doing the stream and a couple sponsors that could help with a few items like a trainer wheel, some food, and snacks, and some assist in case something breaks on my bike. Also after a little discussion between Brokenhipshot, Jangro, and they may ride a few hours on Zwift with me here and there and I know they will be popping into voice with me to help keep me company. Annika will certainly be here to cheer me on, help with getting me food while I ride and to just be my amazing beautiful supporting wife.

So far what has taken place is that we have our first sponsor for this event. Local Phoenix Bike shop “Bike Barn of Phoenix” is assisting with my wheel and trainer tire, woohoo this like one of the most awesome bikes shops in my area. #BikeBarnAZ has been the shop that has taken over keeping my bike functioning and me being able to ride like I do. #TeamDaveAZ and Mary along with an awesome staff of #BikeMechanics are there to help anyone that comes in to find the right bike for the type of rider they are, what a beautiful place and staff to help kick start an adventure. Be sure to head over to their website and follow them on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp,) to show them some love in return for they have done for us as well as all bicycle lovers who have come into the shop.

So at this point to keep up with what is going on with this event, subscribe to our website to get the updates and head over to our Twitch Channel and hit Follow so that you get notified when we go live. We will start the stream December 15th, 2018 at 6am MST and end at 6am MST on Sunday, December the 16th, 2018. Let’s see how many miles that I (Matthew Blaine) can ride in 24 hours on an indoor trainer using Zwift.

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  1. Glad you folks are feeling better and were able to get out for a ride. Depending on Family plan, I will try to join you for a while on your epic Zwift ride !! Until then…. Bike Fast / Live Slow and Ride On my friends

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