Hoping to ride our bikes today, the cold is almost gone

We’re feeling a lot better today and hope that we’re on the last days of this nasty cold. Today we’re gonna try and ride our bike if only for a few miles in hopes that we can get a bit of pedaling in. This cold over the last few days have been horrible, the antibiotics have been working on us now since it started so fingers crossed.

Yesterday we got some shopping done that was needed and we’re prepping to visit the family for the holidays. In the process, we’re prepping for our final Twitch Stream for 2018 which is a 24 Hour Stream with myself riding on my indoor trainer virtually on Zwift to see how many miles I can ride over the 24 hour period.

24 Hour Stream | Zwift | Bike Barn of Phoenix | MattyAndAnnika.Life

During our outings yesterday Annika and I made it by REI in Chandler to pick up a few of the items in which we had planned to grab last week. One of the items we picked up is the Revelate Designs Mountain Feeder for my bike.


Annika picked up her Spork, a couple of the “Continental Divide Trail” water bottles, a few pairs of the cycling baselayer liners and a few pieces of clothing that she had been needing to grab. After our visit at REI, we did a few more errands and then went to Costco to look at the GoPro that we’re grabbing to do filming in the new year for our YouTube Channel. Once we get through this Thanksgiving week we will be working on doing some bike riding with Jeff and John again as long as our cold has cleared up, fingers crossed.

I’m gonna cut it short today as I haven’t had my coffee yet, hugs and thanks for the support; we hope you’re enjoying our post and have an awesome holiday week.


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