We’re starting to feel better so let the pedaling begin

Yesterday was pretty chill and epic considering we’ve hardly been able to move around well over the last almost week. The cold is slowly leaving our body and yesterday we got to go out on our bikes for the first time in several days, it was beautiful out.

Paradise Valley Arizona | MattyAndAnnika.Life

Annika and I slept in a little yesterday and then after taking our medications for the cold, we headed out for a short adventure into Paradise Valley. Basic flat ride but just enough to get our heart pumping to make sure that the worst of the icky mess is not going to slow us anymore from riding. Atrer our ride we started researching our next bikes as we always do and then started going over to look at a few of the options. We’re wanting Fat bikes for cross country for all terrain and we both want cross bikes/adventure bikes for other cross country and long distance touring. We’re slowly growing out of the bikes that we have and now that we know what it is in a bike that we want we’re weighing the pros and cons between the bikes of interest to pick the right ones.

Those that know us are aware that we don’t fit into the same box that all fit in when it comes to anything that we’re interested in. Cycling, for instance, we’re not racers and we’re not the type of rider that needs to dope to go on a local group ride to make ourselves feel important in which we have seen taking place. We’re also not the type of rider that needs to buy that high-end bike just to make say “look at me” and not ever have the skills to really ride the bike more than a local social bike ride which is an everyday occurrence in the cycling communities too. We’re people who buy bikes because we enjoy them and we don’t have any interest in impressing anyone. We don’t do pay to ride of any kind, that’s just an “Ohh look at me” gimmick too. When we ride a long distance ride it’s because we decided to do it cause it’s fun, we are looking for social acknowledgment or a reward at the end, and a pat on the head isn’t an interest either lol.

So no, we don’t fit in and we’re never looking to do so. The more we see this type of atmosphere the more we step even further away from that type of social idiocy and grin at the sadness while we smile through a beautiful ride for the real reasons to be on one. So we’ve found our spot in riding and like all things of interest it is nowhere near the box, we love adventures; some are extreme and some are just slow and chill. We haven’t a preference in going fast or slow, just to enjoy the view and appreciate the world while we still have one. Over the years we aim to ride our bike to and through every state and every country, if we get through them all then that will be epic; if we don’t then we had fun trying to get there. We will be sharing our every adventure with all who want to keep up here on our website and our YouTube Channel, especially after the Holidays with our new GoPro woot.

Today will be an epic journey as I get to go for a ride with my friend Jeff. We plan to go where ever and see the sights while getting a nice workout in. Maybe a bit of small climbing will take place while he and I are out, either way, it will be a fun ride with a good friend. Later in the morning Annika will be around to go out for a nice MTB ride as well so I may be able to use both bikes (Kara and Icarus) today, oh and by the way, Annika named her bike Ellie (The Last of Us).

Oh and a quick note, the Thursday Podcast will not take place this week due to the holidays. We wish everyone an awesome and safe holiday.

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