Doing something a bit different today, we’re going hiking

Yesterday we didn’t get to do much riding like we’d hoped however it was a family day after all. Mid-year I had dislocated my shoulder and went through physical therapy and not too long recently I had pulled it again. We’re still waiting to hear of when my first appointment is to start physical therapy again and yesterday I woke in pain due to rolling over on it in my sleep. I did get up ready to ride and awaited my buddy Jeff’s call so that we could meet up, his schedule had to change due to not enough sleep so I waited on Annika to meet up with me so that we could do our ride. When Annika got in we started to ride and immediately her ankle started giving her troubles again from a recent tendon pull so we cut the ride a bit short. We still got to ride a bit so we were happy either way.

We headed out for the afternoon to visit family that had started arriving in town and had a wonderful dinner together. During our visit, we were all debating going mountain biking together and somehow it ended up that we were going to hiking this morning, woohoo it’s looking like we’re going to hike Tom’s Thumb Trail in Scottsdale. I mountain bike Tom’s Thumb Trail earlier at the beginning of the year and it was epic. What beautiful scenery to enjoy by bike and today this may be the trail that we hike so I hope to get some good photos and videos. Now we haven’t decided that this will be the trail that we hike but it is top of the list, when we got home we started going over the many in the area that would be fun and all close by; today will be an adventure.

When I mountain biked Tom’s Thumb Trail I had so much fun, here are some of the photos from then.

It was an epic journey with friends and today we aim to hike this area and/or other areas of the McDowell Mountain Reserve, I totally love Arizona.

This week is all about family so if and when we ride our bikes it’ll be random until Monday and on that note, we wish everyone an awesome and safe Holiday. Thanks for reading and if you like what we’re doing hit like or drop us a comment.


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  1. Hi how are you doing? We’ve been a bit busy with moving house and nrw job..speak soon Chèers


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